The ceramics guild is an activity which has been practised in Sicily for millenniums. This is demonstrated by magnificent recovered archeological finds, evidences of the handicraft which made our land famous. Nowadays, the productions of ceramics, and especially those referring to typical elements of our culture, are highly regarded as real and characteristic pieces of art. They are symbolic representations of antique tools and objects of daily use which otherwise would have been disappeared forever.

Proceeding the best tradition, La Ceramica s.r.l., owner of the trade mark "Ceralexa", presents a handicraft production of highly qualified ceramics. All objects are hand-decorated by young local artists who combine enthusiasm, liveliness and the desire of self-realisation within their personal creativity and their competence of specific techniques.

The living and working environment of our country, its natural colours and the warmth of the people are artistically united by the harmony of the lines, the forms and the brightness and brilliance of the colours which mirror those of the sun, the land and the sea of Sicily.